Ending on a good note

It's time to close this blog. I don't miss writing, as I'm out living my day to day life, and loving every minute of it.

Mr. Right has taken me in hand, and fully embraced his role in TTWD. I'm now referred to as "girl" almost exclusively, and I love it. I call him "Sir" almost exclusively as well. I simply couldn't be happier, more at peace, content, and in balance.

And that leaves me nothing that I want to write about. Because blogging for me is working through issues. So, thankfully, I've nothing to work "through" in this relationship. I am so blessed to have Mr Right in my life, and in love with me.

So, in the words of Carol Burnett, "I'm so glad we had this time together . . . It's the time for me to say, 'so long.'"